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    Your IT infrastructure is one of the most valuable business assets you may have. When it comes to housing your (mission-critical) applications, data and systems you might expect the same considerate attitude from your colocation services partner. That’s why we have enterprise-grade data center infrastructure in place meeting the highest possible Tier 4 specifications with certifications including ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and PCI-DSS. Also in terms of energy-efficiency we stand out of the crowd, as the data center infrastructure features a stunning low thus highly energy efficient partial cooling Power Usage Effectiveness (pPUE) figure of 1,04. 3W Infra is housed in the company’s built-to-suit data center at Switch Datacenters’ Amsterdam premises, Switch AMS1.

    3W Infra‘s transit-only, multi-carrier global network offers your business a robust, reliable and high performing network infrastructure. Our high-volume network is designed for scalability, speed and low-latency customer experiences. And, at our price level, it’ll help you being the best in the business. Our multi-homed IP transit service provides the best route selection for your destination on the Internet with built-in redundancy and fault tolerance capabilities, offering carrier-grade service levels to telecom operators, Internet and/or Application Service Providers (ASPs), content delivery providers, and other types of users.

    All Offers Include:
    • 12-Month Term
    • Monthly Payments (Prepayment Discounts Available)
    • Rack & Stack Customer Equipment
    • Transit-Only Global Network (Zayo & Telia)
    • No Restrictions on Uplink Port Utilization (e.g., streaming & CDN allowed)
    • Option to Connect Your Own (Transit) Providers

    Power: 0,5Amp (0,11kVA) on 230V Power Port
    Port: 1Gbps Full-Duplex Uplink Port (GigE)
    IP: 1
    + 100TB Data Traffic: EUR 79,00 / Month

    Power: 1Amp (0,23kVA) on 230V Power Port
    Port: 1Gbps Full-Duplex Uplink Port (GigE)
    IP: 1
    + 100TB Data Traffic: EUR 109,00 / Month

    Power: 2Amp (0,46 kVA) on 230V Power Port
    Port: 1Gbps Full-Duplex Uplink Port (GigE)
    IP: 1
    + 100TB Data Traffic: EUR 169,00 / Month

    Power: 5Amp (1.15kVA) on 230V Power Port(s)
    Port: 1Gbps Full-Duplex Uplink Port (GigE)
    IP: 16
    + 100TB Data Traffic: EUR 399,00 / Month

    IPv4: 1: EUR 2,50
    IPv6: /64: Free of charge
    IP Announcement: EUR 25,00 + EUR 100,00 (one time)
    IP + AS Announcement: EUR 50,00 + EUR 100,00 (one time)
    In-House Fiber Cross Connect (From MMR): EUR 50,00 + EUR 100,00 (one time)
    Uplink: 2Gbps Full-Duplex Uplink Port (GigE) (based on port trunking): EUR 25,00
    Data Center Relocation Service: Contact us for more information

    Offer is valid till: 01 September 2017 (subject to availability)
    Prices are excluding VAT.
    Pay by PayPal, Bank Transfer, Visa, MasterCard or iDEAL.

    Information and ordering at sales@3winfra.com. These are just a few of the many configurations we have available. Private Racks are surely also possible.

    About 3W INFRA

    Founded in 2014 by some Internet and hosting industry veterans, 3W Infra is a ‘pure-play’ Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting provider headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company’s enterprise-grade hosting solutions - tailored to the specific needs of each customer - are engineered for scalability and cost-efficiency, with cloud-enabling services including colocation, dedicated servers, IP transit, and high-level customer support. These solutions come with 3W Infra’s remote hands engineering services at the world’s main Internet hubs in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London.

    As a fast-growing company aiming for sustainable growth, 3W Infra serves a dynamic array of different customer types with a variety of needs. The company has a significant amount of colocation customers and 4,000 dedicated servers under management, while its global network now exceeds 160 Gigabit/sec (Gbps) of available bandwidth. 3W Infra’s customer base includes some of the largest Internet, broadcasting and cloud services companies in Europe and beyond.

    More about 3W Infra
    Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+.

    Read here our ‘GenieNetwork’ case study.
    Read here the interview our management team had with Hostingjournalist.com (18 APR 2017).
    Press Release: 3W Infra launches modular full rack colocation solution with high-availability and scalability features (08 JUNE 2017).
    Press Release: IaaS hosting company 3W Infra launches Financing Program for Dedicated Servers and Network Infrastructure (11 MAY 2017).
    Press Release: IaaS hosting provider 3W Infra launches IT infrastructure relocation service in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London (24 APR 2017).
    Press Release: 3W Infra migrates its IaaS infrastructure to new data center in Amsterdam to support customer growth (12 APR 2017).
    Press Release: 3W Infra exceeds 4,000 dedicated servers under management, adds 1,000 servers in just 6 months (15 FEB 2017).
    Press Release: 3W Infra launches its data center neutral remote hands services on the world’s main internet hubs (20 DEC 2016).
    Press Release: 3W Infra launches Dell-powered dedicated server package for high performance cloud infrastructure (13 OCT 2016).

    Network / Speed Tests

    ASN 60144
    Proceed here to test our network or here to speed test it.


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