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    Company: Enzu Inc.

    At Enzu we pride ourselves on offering a great product at a great price. We own our servers and operate our own networks to provide you with reliable service!

    A Few Quick Facts About Enzu:
    - We are NOT resellers, in business for over 10 years.
    - Free DDoS Protection
    - 5 Locations to choose
    - 100% Uptime Facilities
    - We offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry
    - 24x7 in-house Technical Support

    What is a Build to order Private Cloud? In short, the build your cloud service allow you to select ala cart option to build the cloud that your business requires. The ala cart options include compute, storage data, networking and application that provide an easy to use platform that allows you do more and save money. All of our clouds include free DDoS protection and 100% network uptime guarantee.

    Clouds We Offer:

    Private Cloud Features:

    Intuitive control panel
    Your own private cloud includes a fast and easy to use control panel that can provision and manage cloud services. Create, scale, and manage VMs from your computer or mobile device intuitively and with ease.

    Easy cloud management
    With a strong focus in automation, clouds built by Enzu are easy to manage. Adding new hypervisors is as easy as letting Enzu know that you need more because new hypervisor hardware is self-discovering and plug-and-play. Automatic failover detects hypervisor downtime and self-migrates to another hypervisor. Automated backups can be scheduled to protect your data. Graphical VM creation tools take away the drudge of working in the command line. Autoscaling eliminates the need to watch resource usage and can even resize without rebooting your VM.

    CDN and DNS
    Easily utilize Enzu’s CDN (content distribution network) and managed DNS services to make your cloud global. Our CDN can be fully integrated with ease to provide multiple global locations for caching of web pages and files for faster delivery to your users. Our anycast-based managed DNS speeds up the cloud experience for users across the globe.

    Autoscaling and load balancing
    VMs can be rapidly scaled larger and smaller through the easy-to-configure autoscaling feature provided in the control panel. Clone your VMs to scale out your project quickly and easily. With only a few clicks you can load balance your VMs to distribute traffic and configure clusters.

    Failover and high availability
    Automated failover and backup can be used to constantly monitor the status of VMs in your cloud. Should a hypervisor become unreachable, a new one is automatically spun up and implemented in the cloud. Backups are scheduled and automatically stored in the ultra-fast localized SAN and are ready to be restored rapidly. Hot migration lets you move VMs between hypervisors on the fly, allow you to direct resources as you please.

    User management
    You have total control over user roles, permissions, and resources. Through our intuitive control panel you can customize the abilities of each user within your organization. This allows you to give users granular control personalized to their skill level and placement in your organization.

    Huge VM template library
    Choose from hundreds of OS distributions and versions. We are able to provide access to any popular OS including CentOS, Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Windows, and more. With different versions and architectures available, each VM can run not just any OS, but precisely any version of that OS. Need Red Hat 5.5 x64 on one VM and Red Hat 6.2 x86 on another? That’s as easy as picking them out of a list.

    Enzu follows a multi-layered security model. Our datacenters are manned 24/7 by security personnel and equipped with man trap entrances and key card entry. Our network is monitored in real-time by a heuristic firewall capable of learning and mitigating novel malicious activity.


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