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    The next generation cloud servers, powered by XenServer. The cloud servers offer a new unmatched level of redundant and automatic healing technologies implemented using the enterprise grade virtualization technology of XenServer. Our control panel allows you to increase your resources at any time without loosing connectivity and completely transparent to users.

    Our cloud servers are truly redundant in every way. The hypervisors hosting your servers are connected to a centralized storage system that has redundancy in place at every point to avoid failures.


    For many enterprises, data sovereignty and localization of certain data types are critical. With the eStruxture Cloud, your data is stored, processed and accessed within eStruxture's Canadian data centers.

    Here are a few CLOUD features:

    - Complete elasticity for each Cloud instance
    - Full control to re-size Cloud servers with daily utility billing
    - low cost price for a High availability solution
    - Full storage, network & platform redundancy
    - Management Portal
    - Cloud virtualization platform powered by XenServer
    - Reliable hardware infrastructure
    - Windows and Linux Support
    - Choice of Hosting Control Panels

    Go and take a look at our cloud offers :

    Here are a few of our most popular plans you can order (all the plans can be modified to your convenience):

    Nano Cloud:

    CPU: 0.8Ghz

    Dedicated RAM: 1GB
    Disk Space: 10GB
    Transfer: 3000GB
    Port speed: 50Mbps

    Monthly cost: 21.00$/Month

    Micro Cloud:

    CPU: 3.4Ghz

    Dedicated RAM: 2GB
    Disk Space: 25GB
    Transfer: 3000GB
    Port speed: 50Mbps

    Monthly cost: 95.00$/Month

    Mini Cloud:

    CPU: 4.3Ghz

    Dedicated RAM: 4GB
    Disk Space: 50GB
    Transfer: 3000GB
    Port speed: 50Mbps

    Monthly cost: 145.00$/Month

    Medium Cloud:

    CPU: 7.6Ghz

    Dedicated RAM: 8GB
    Disk Space: 125GB
    Transfer: 3000GB
    Port speed: 50Mbps

    Monthly cost: 225.00$/Month

    Large Cloud:

    CPU: 12Ghz
    Dedicated RAM: 12GB
    Disk Space: 250GB
    Transfer: 3000GB
    Port speed: 50Mbps

    Monthly cost: 345.00$/Month

    Go and take a look at our cloud offers :

    Available operating systems:

    Linux: CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, FreeBSD (32bit & 64bit)
    Windows 2008 and 2008R2: Web (15$/month), Standard (25$/month), enterprise (75$/month), data center (99$/month)

    SAS Storage add-on:

    5$ per 5GB SAS Storage Space

    Available control panels:

    DirectAdmin: 10$/month
    CPanel: 25$/month
    Plesk100: 20$/month
    Plesk Unlimited: 35$/month

    Go and take a look at our cloud offers :

    Here is a few more reasons to do business with eStruxture Data Centers:

    1. White labeled Network
    2. Own BGP Network : Teleglobe, Level3, NLayer, Tiscali, Bell, Torix
    3. Service 24/7/365 e-mail or phone + ticket system
    4. World class installation, magnetic card access, man trap, closed circuit camera surveillance, security guard 24/7/365
    5. UPS system tested every week
    6. 100% Cisco internal Network
    7. In hosting business since 2000, company very knowledgeable of hosting
    8. Located in Canada, Montreal

    MAKE THE eStruxture CHOICE :

    In choosing Netelligent for your hosting services you make the best choice for several reasons: 24/7/365 professional support with the only goal to satisfy our customers at 100% on top of a personalized service. Your data is always safe no matter the day, time or external condition of the data center. Our BGP network provides you and your customers the best online presence with no interruptions. Our certified technicians, reaction time and a top of the line service make Netelligent a undeniable leader in the international hosting industry.

    eStruxture NETWORK:

    We run our own redundant BGP network with only premium providers such as Teleglobe, NLayer, Bell, Tiscali, Torix and Level3. We have 3 pops 625 Rene-Levesque, 3000 Rene-Levesque and 1250 Rene-Levesque fully redundant in case of failure. Our core network is 100% CISCO with Juniper routers to ensure the best possible network environment.


    eStruxture Data Centers is located conveniently in the Montreal city center in the Stock Exchange Tower, with our very own world class facility (pictures available just contact us, with easy access via both public and private transportation. The facility includes more than 25,000 sqft of colocation space, and is served by multiple power substations operated by Hydro Quebec, with a total capacity of 5.5 MW. Our 2017 data center expansion project, planned for operation in 1Q2018, will double the size and power capacity of the facility.

    Here's what you should know about our infrastructure:
    - We have multiple power and cooling distribution paths with only one active and includes redundant components (N+1)
    - UPS, Generator, secondary generator
    - Redundant power sources (A+B)
    - BGP network with five tier1 providers in different sections to avoid downtime
    - Multiple fiber entry points into the building
    - Chilled water, freon-based cooling
    - Nitrogen myst fire suppression
    - Secured place monitored 24/7/365 by closed circuit camera; security guards surveillance is also 24/7/365 on top of our mantrap, biometric and magnetic card key access

    If you need anything or have any questions do not hesitate to ask or send me an e-mail directly you can also visit our website


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