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    GloboTech Communications offers premium hosting services.

    Globo.Tech – Rely on GloboTech's Enterprise Cloud to drive your IT Infrastructure so you can focus on growing your business. Launch Cloud Servers within seconds, scale them as needed with ease and only pay for the resources used.

    Globo 1
    1 VCPU
    768MB Memory
    15GB SSD Storage
    2TB Bandwidth Transfer
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    Globo 2
    1 VCPU
    1GB Memory
    40GB SSD Storage
    2TB Bandwidth Transfer
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    Globo 3
    2 VCPU
    2GB Memory
    80GB SSD Storage
    2TB Bandwidth Transfer
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    Globo 4
    2 VCPU
    4GB Memory
    100GB SSD Storage
    2TB Bandwidth Transfer
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    Globo 5
    4 VCPU
    6GB Memory
    120GB SSD Storage
    2TB Bandwidth Transfer
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    Globo 6
    4 VCPU
    8GB Memory
    160GB SSD Storage
    2TB Bandwidth Transfer
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    Globo 7
    6 VCPU
    12GB Memory
    200GB SSD Storage
    2TB Bandwidth Transfer
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    -Fast Cloud Server Delivery
    -Super Fast All-SSD Storage
    -Premium Connectivity
    -Full Root Access
    -Comprehensive & Easy-to use Cloud Portal
    -Security Group and SSH Keys
    -Private Networking
    -Pay only for the resources you use
    -Powered by Openstack

    We offer On-Demand and Fully Managed Options. Visit our website or contact our sales team for more information.

    Here are a few reasons why to choose us:

    • In business for over 15 Years
      We are not going anywhere! We have been helping businesses around the world since 1999.
    • 24/7/365 Support
      In-house, around the clock support is available to our client. Know that we will be there to assist you when you need it the most.
    • 100% Network Uptime
      Our network has been design to be fully redundant and very robust. Dont lose money because of downtime. Connect to GloboTech network now!
    • Redundant Network
      All Equipment has been setup in a redundant capacity to ensure maximal uptime.
    • Network Capacity
      Our network is connected with over 100 Gbps capacity from Tier1 and Premium carriers. We don't oversell our network and we are constantly adding new uplink to ensure capacity, speed and robustness.
    • Optimized Routing
      In addition to the 5 Top Tier providers all connected by 10 GigE uplink for a total of over 100 Gbps of redundant internet access, GloboTech Communications has put in place an optimization system that can ensure lightning fast network transit while respecting their 100% Network Uptime SLA.
    • Support Oriented and optional Server Management
      Customers with little knowledge in server administration can rest assured that our support team will be there to assist them with any problems they might encounter. No matter what you need, we will be there to assist you.
    • Multiple Data Center in the great Montreal area
      We offer Premium Dedicated Server in multiple location in downtown Montreal. Also with prime location around the downtime area, we can offer multi-dc configuration for redundant clustering.
    • Hardware Replacement SLA
      We understand that downtime is unacceptable! This is why we guaranteed to change any defective hardware within 4 hours.

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