Never think of using Premium Techs!!!

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Never think of using Premium Techs!!!
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    I consider myself rational but even I fell for the trap set by these frauds. These scamming thieves ( have set up a very convincing website. Their claims of WEB HOSTING services seem genuine and it is very difficult to be skeptical of their authenticity. I am very careful when I make an online purchase. I went through their website several times.
    They have a live chat service which seemed very helpful in the beginning. So after a lot of thinking I decided to take their app design service for my business. The information and claims about their expertise was very impressive. I thought I was going to get great end product. But what end product? I did not even receive a thank you from them for giving away so much money to them for nothing. Zero. Naught!
    I advise you, don’t make the mistake I made. I made the full payment but received any acknowledgment from them. No reply, no service! No one picks up the phone. I have been robbed!
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    Very sorry to hear your experience , hope it gets sorted out soon

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