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    NFOrce Entertainment B.V. can offer you full rack and single unit colocation. These servers will be placed in one of our High-Tech Datacenters (ISO17001) in the Netherlands.

    Serverhosting Datacenters
    NL-1 | Databarn Amsterdam (DBA)
    NL-2 | Databarn Capelle a/d IJssel (DBC)
    NL-3 | Nedzone Steenbergen (NZS)

    NFOrce Entertainment B.V. Benefits:
    - Multilingual support via E-mail/Ticketing (English/Dutch).
    - All network ports are dedicated and non-overbooked.
    - Multi-homed network with over 5 tier 1 transit providers and over 1000 peering connections.
    - Low latency.
    - Total of 1000 Gbps+ transit and peering capacity. upgraded
    - At least 20-80 Gbps capacity to each rack.
    - Incoming unmetered bandwidth free of charge.
    - Live bandwidth statistics.
    - 24/7/365 days support.

    Please send us an email if you want to know if we are able to provide services at the Datacenter you prefer and/or if you have any questions regarding our colocation services.

    There is no difference in quality or routes in any of these locations. All our datacenter locations are connected to the same set of transit providers and peerings.

    If you are operating your own network we can provide you with BGP sessions to our network with the full set of transit providers and peerings. We can also provide you with direct BGP sessions to most of the transit providers and peering exchanges we have on-net (on our network).


    For questions about our offers, please send an email to:sales@nforce.com or visit https://www.nforce.com/Colocation/7

    Our Network:
    ASn 43350

    Core PoP Datacenters:
    Core PoP Datacenters
    Global Switch Amsterdam (GSA)
    Equinix AM7 (EQX-AM7)
    Equinix AM5 (EQX-AM5)
    BytesNet Rotterdam (BNR)

    Passive PoP Datacenters
    TelecityGroup Frankfurt
    TelecityGroup London (HEX67)
    TelecityGroup London 2 (HEX89)
    Level(3) Frankfurt
    Telehouse Paris 2 (Voltaire)

    AMS-IX, 200G
    NL-IX, 40G
    DE-CIX, 20G
    LINX, 20G
    FranceIX, 10G

    Transit Providers
    AS3257 (GTT), 80G
    AS2914 (NTT), 200G
    AS6461 (Zayo), 20G
    AS3356 (Level3), 40G
    AS6762 (Seabone), 80G
    AS174 (Cogent), 160G
    AS33891 (Core-Backbone GmbH), 100G


    Company information:
    NFOrce Entertainment B.V.
    Postbus 1142
    4700 BC Roosendaal
    The Netherlands

    Chamber of Commerce: 20110430


    Order and Questions:
    You can order by sending a mail to sales@nforce.com requesting a tailor made quote.
    Prices are excluding EU applicable VAT, customers outside the EU and registered companies in the EU do not pay VAT.

    Payment methods:
    Paypal, Payza, Skrill, Wiretransfer, Mastercard, VISA, Maestro, American Express, Bitcoin
    NFOrce Entertainment BV // Hosting with Quality hardware and network.
    Dedicated servers | Colocation | Shared Hosting | Cloud hosting

    E-mail: sales@nforce.com

    NFOrce Entertainment B.V.
    Postbus 1142
    4700 BC Roosendaal

    T. +31 20 6919299
    F. +31 20 6919409
    E. sales@nforce.com
    I. www.nforce.com

    NFOrce Entertainment B.V. reserves all rights to update, modify or cancel above offers at any time without prior notice.


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