Premium Technologies is a scam! Stay away from it!

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by jameswatson5, Jul 30, 2018.

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    If you want to save yourself from misery, don't even click on this website. Stay 100 feet away from these people. Block this website on your browser and firewall in case you forget later!! Do it now! I’m serious. They are a stupid and hypocrite. And I don’t want anyone getting stung by them like I did. Pathetic! THIS FUCKERS SHOULD BE PUNISHED AND CALLED OUT FOR SCAMMING MONEY OUT OF INNOCENT PEOPLE.

    You need web related services? Look elsewhere. If possible Learn on your own. This website is a hoax. This company is full of scammers. I had the misfortune of believing their claims. I decided to choose them as my website developer and hosting provider. They claimed to have expert people who would give me a beautifully designed website. I highly doubt about this team. I just throw my hard earned money into thin air. SO STAY AWAY FROM THEM. ONCE YOU MAKE THE PAYMENT, YOU ARE DOOMED!!!

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    Sorry to hear your experience

    Hope the issue is resolved by now

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