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    We have many aged, nonconsecutive A Class, B-Class and C-Class SEO Hosting IP's available from around 25 World-Wide Data Centers. These IP's are ideal for Private Blog Networks and the Multiple Geo Locations of the IP's can be use to Improve Google Local Ranking by hosting your sites on the related Geo location.


    Available SEO IP locations:

    USA Hosting C-Class IP's
    UK Hosting C-Class IP's
    Asia Hosting C-Class IP's
    Australia Hosting Sydney IP's
    Japan Tokyo Hosting SEO IP's
    Hong Kong Hosting SEO IP's
    South Africa Hosting SEO IP's
    India Hosting SEO IP's
    Netherlands Hosting SEO IP's
    Germany Nuremberg Hosting SEO IP's
    USA Las Vegas Hosting SEO IP's
    USA - Arizona Hosting SEO IP's
    USA California Hosting SEO IP's
    USA Dallas Hosting SEO IP's
    USA Washington Hosting IP's
    USA Seattle Hosting SEO IP's
    USA Virginia Hosting SEO IP's

    Link to Order IP's Directly From Our Member Area:


    Why Choose SkyNet SEO Plans:
    ★ 12 Long Years in business
    ★ 25 World Wide Data Center Locations to Choose.
    ★ Better Security with HackProtecT800™, CageFS Hacker Protection and Site Analyzer!
    ★ 300% Faster Page Load Times with Raid-10 100% SSD Servers with CloudLinux and CloudFlare.
    Optimized Servers for WordPress: Our servers are specifically setup and optimize to Improve WordPress/CMS performance and security.

    Recent Customer Reviews

    [​IMG] Originally Posted by Paradis eHost [​IMG]
    SkyNetHosting. Their prices are unbelievable and their support is top notch
    [​IMG] Originally Posted by calvynlee [​IMG]
    I been a year with SNH and at this moment still a happy customer..
    [​IMG] Originally Posted by Nunim [​IMG]
    I've been with them for about a month now and so far I'm very happy. They have powerful non overloaded servers and decent support times. I haven't experienced any noticable downtime as of yet but it's still early.
    [​IMG] Originally Posted by calvynlee [​IMG]
    I been a year with SNH and at this moment still a happy customer.
    [​IMG] Originally Posted by m1ntie [​IMG]
    I recently posted a thread entitled "hosting novice needs advice" and subsequently decided on a reseller account for the extra bandwidth and disc space - not to resell.

    After looking at the many excellent hosting deals promoted on this site I finally decided to go with SkyNetHosting and I am so glad I did.

    Although my site is still under construction and has not been uploaded to my SkyNetHosting server yet, the support I have received so far has been first class.

    I had some difficulty in changing my DNS and Jessica even did it for me, since then they have answered many queries that I had and always dealt with them promptly. I hope the excellent service continues once my site is up and running.

    In the mean time well done Jessica and SkyNetHosting. It is good to see a company living up to its promises of good service.
    [​IMG] Originally Posted by wonderland [​IMG]
    Yesterday, I got one of the best DL speeds from you guys. Any chance you plan to have a promotion in the next few weeks
    [​IMG] Originally Posted by quickuse [​IMG]

    using SNH almost year and everything is working fine with no issues, keep in your mind all cheap providers are not bad some of the cheap providers are really doing good.
    [​IMG] Originally Posted by wayonjava [​IMG]
    Good service provided by skynethosting,, their server is very reliable..thanks
    [​IMG] Originally Posted by WarriorKing
    skynet have great response in any issue that might happen to their customers. Until now they still keep their commitment that really big things in the line of business to make everyone satisfied
    ★★ Migrating from another host? We can transfer your accounts with zero downtime for your websites for FREE!

    Please feel free to talk TO US on SkyNetHosting.Net , we will respond promptly and get the ball rolling towards a mutually beneficial partnership with you!
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