StorPool Storage launching a Highly Available Shared Hosting White Paper

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    Learn how to get more profit out of your business switching from standard to Highly Available Shared Hosting!
    Build extremely cost-effective and high-performance shared hosting service!

    White Paper Content:

    1. How this White Paper will help you.
    2. Challenges of the traditional Shared Hosting
    3. Shared hosting costs and how to cut them?
    4. How to build highly available shared hosting:
    - technical overview;
    - advantages;
    - deployment.

    5. Cost comparison and optimization.
    6. Operational benefits:
    - high-availability of the infrastructure;
    - no more downtime during maintenance;
    - 500 000+ IOPS performance;
    - no vendor lock-in and commodity hardware usage;
    - no bandwidth shortage in peak periods.
    7. Business benefits.

    Be among the first people to learn how to build Highly Available Shared Hosting and get a competitive advantage! Sign Up here!


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