"Virtual Partners" wanted for "Bernieville" Wordpress-run community.

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    1. Please disregard previous ads from me. This includes disregarding any mention of locations, skills, rates, etc. This is different. I have opened-up requirements--inviting anyone to state any terms and skills as desired.

    2. The working title (not the real name) for this project is "Bernieville." Because...

    a) Partly inspired by Bernie Sanders. (Not connected to nor approved by Bernie Sanders.)
    b) One goal is to displace Facebook. Just as Facebook displaced MySpace--but with a progressive agenda.
    c) Another goal is to establish a new "pro-Main-Street and anti-Wall-Street" business model. That is "easier for millionaires and impossible for billionaires." This is done by not profit-sharing with the stock market--and instead, profit-sharing with each local community that pays for the profits. Therefore, it is "impossible to be a billionaire" because of not seeking huge investment, not profit-hoarding, and not creating too-big-to-fail corporations that blackmail the political system. It is "easier to be a millionaire" because when given a choice--customers will prefer to buy from a business which shares profits with them!

    3. A "virtual partner" is not a partner but is an independent contractor. However, just as a VPS imitates a private server--my idea of a "virtual partner" tries to offer similar financial incentives to being a part-owner. However, to safeguard the goals of the project and of all "virtual partners," I must retain legal ownership, or choose close friends as the first board members. Eventually, the goal is for this business to outlive all of us as a for-charity corporation, similar to Newman's Own.

    4. What is the practical difference between "virtual partner" and normal "independent contractor"? If you contracted for Microsoft in its first years--you helped Microsoft--and yet, probably did not share in its huge success. In contrast, we want everyone who helps to build Bernieville to share in its success. Such as with a long-term consultant stipend. The level of benefits may be pro-rated to hours worked. However, the general idea is that all "virtual partners," including myself, receive similar opportunities. Basically, we all want a good income working for a business that does good work for the planet--instead of just sucking money out of the planet. That is a rare opportunity and there is nothing better.

    5. Up-front cash, IOU payments and intermittent work are also possible. For example, you might offer to work only 4 hours per month, for US$25/hour up-front, plus US$200/hour IOU to be paid off gradually if-and-when cash flow is established. Thus, you can help Bernieville without risking large amounts of time. Nonetheless, your early help might secure a stipend, or priority consideration for well-paid positions.

    (Of course, others might submit higher or lower bids in terms of hours or IOU or up-front payments.)

    6. Other suggestions? Let me know what you want to do and what you want to be paid. You can hit "reply" to discuss publicly. Or use "private message."

    7. WHAT WE NEED. You can work for Bernieville if you can just do ANY ONE of the following.

    (Bernieville will initially consist of a "free classified" site plus a Wordpress-powered "multisite community." A Facebook-type social network is the ultimate goal--however, hosting thousands of free personal pages is not a feasible starting point.)

    a) Firstly, we need something equal to the Wordpress Multisite Installation. I.e., able to activate hundreds of independent dotcom minisites by completing a simple form for each site. I have done this myself. However, I have been told that the "Wordpress multisite installation" is now obsolete due to security problems? I am not sure about this? I do not have the expertise to understand this fully. If a virtual partner can assure me that this is not exactly true, perhaps we can use the multisite installation? In any case, the "multisite" effect is exactly what we need. If the actual "multisite installation" is not feasible--possibly we can use Fantastico or something equivalent, so as easily to create hundreds of minisites? Special features needed:
    • Post-to-Facebook plug-in.
    • Automatic link exchange plug-in.
    • Automatic updating of Wordpress and of all plug-ins.
    • Programming skills might or might not be needed. I want to use as little hacks as possible. I prefer to develop a single version of a standard Wordpress "theme" such as 2015, 2016, or etc. So we can use the same theme for all sites and client sites--and we can be certain that theme is always supported--so as to simplify and minimize update tweaking. However, at least two virtual partners need to have strong webhosting and webmaster type skills to keep these sites running, secure and backed up.

    b) Secondly, we need a classified advertising site. A Wordpress with a Classipress plug-in has been suggested. If nobody has a better suggestion, we might as well start with this. Currently, we only need three special features.
    • The ability to set an expiration date for each ad--after which it will not be visible (or perhaps will be visible but not on the first page)--but can be seen and reactivated easily by the advertiser.
    • The ability to enable "premium" advertisers to post active (clickable) links. Also, to prevent "free" advertisers from posting any URL (both active and static).
    • The Home page of the Classified site should be a standard Wordpress installation--thus enabling local news. Here is a Home page mock-up using a previous "working title": http://verhampshire.com (The classifieds should be a separate installation on a lower level of the site.)

    c) Thirdly, we need a simple "link exchange directory" site. For this, we can very probably use Wordpress with a Link Exchange plug-in.

    d) Two virtual partners need to be responsible for monthly back-ups. Including the ability to recreate all sites (including client sites) in the event of a crash or hacking incident.

    e) One or more virtual partners simply need to do some little thing every month to improve the site. This can be webdesign or simply content. (Such as information articles for tourists visiting the local community).

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