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    This forum is provided as a benefit for use by WebHostingForums.com members. You must have a currently active account (without any disabled account) to take advantage of its use.

    The following rules are in place for ALL members in the 'Web Hosting Market Place' forums:

    • What is the 'Web Hosting Market Place' forums for?

      This forum is intended for web hosting companies to publish web hosting plans only and in appropriate sections for ex : post shared hosting offers only in shared hosting offers sections .

      Making posts which do not conform to this description may lead to the post being moved, removed or the poster being suspended.

      If you are posting In Free Hosting Section , please note The term free should be only used only if its absolutely free .. cashbacks , charging one cent or more even for verification purposes are not allowed in this section

    • Hosting Requests

      Threads requesting hosting are not appropriate in any Marketplace Category

      Please use Hosting Requests section instead . Recommending companies in Hosting Requests section is not allowed . If you are a hosting company you can reach the client with your qoutes accordingly

    • Posting Rules

      Anyone found to be intentionally "trashing" or "trolling" in another user's advertisement thread will be suspended. Negative comments on advertisements are not allowed. For example, if you think the price is too high or the design isn’t good, leave the ad for other people to form their own opinions. If you think the offer is fraudulent, please contact us.

      Any requests or offers for spam, warez, pornographic, or other such hosting deemed inappropriate for WebHostingForums.com will be removed and the member's account may be disabled without notice.

      No lifetime plan offers. Posting such offers will lead to the thread being removed and may cause your account to be suspended.

      Keep your posts clean. Two colors (plus black) are allowed. And you may use up to two font styles.

    • Rules regarding HTML / vB Code in the Advertising forums:

      HTML Code is disabled in this, and every other WHF forum.

      vB code is enabled with the following restrictions:

      2 colors per post (black is not counted. ex: black + 2 colors)

      Standard font size (any [ size ] tags larger than our standard of 2 in the post will result in the post being removed).

    • Further Rules
      You should also review the main forum rules located here as they also apply to this forum in addition to the specific rules outlined in this announcement.

    • Required Details

      Any hosting offer posted must contain a URL to the provider's website. The provider must not list a free email account (e.g. hotmail.com) as a point of contact for those interested in the offer. Your public whois information must be complete and accurate as required by all ICANN accredited registrars.

      If you choose to use an anonymous or private whois service, you must submit your contact details to WebHostingforums.com staff. Violation of this rule section will result in suspension from the 'Advertising Forums' and the post being removed.

    • Deception and Fraud

      Any attempts to defraud or deceive our members may result in your account being suspended.

    • Color, Size , and Formatting Restrictions

      All posts in this forum are restricted to a maximum of three (3) colors, including black in normal text size only (no [size] tags).

      In other words, you can use two extra colors beyond black. Black you get for free.

      You may not manually add a "Thread Prefix" to your title.

      Violation of this rule section will result in suspension from the 'Advertising Forums' and the post being removed.

    • Community Leaders

      The WebHostingForums Community Leaders will have the final say as to what is and isn't a violation of the forum rules.

    • Unsure if your post will break the rules?

      If you think your post might violate a rule - DO NOT post it. Contact us to check if it would be violating a rule. If you still want to get your point across to the thread starter, then PM or email is always an option.

    • Account Suspension

      A first violation of the forum rules may result in a minimum of a three day suspension from the 'Advertising Forums' to give the poster time to review and understand Forum Policy. Any further violation will result in your account being permanently disabled.

      Remember to check the rules regularly for any updates.

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