What you need to start and establish a web hosting company - A simple guide

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    Live chat :

    To the top of the list i would like to recommend using a live chat on your website which will build trust to the clients that you are always online to assist them and it also increase your sales volume by 200 %

    There are tons of chat applications available online and in order to make the most of it i would recommend using livechatinc . They offer various apps (Web Browser ,Windows ,Mac OS X, iPad, iPhone, Android ) to be connected with your clients no matter where you are making life easier to support clients round the clock

    https://lc.chat/ei5py (You get 60 days free trail along with 10 $ as free credit and even a 50 % off on first payment)

    Powerful and Reliable Servers

    If you wish to get established as a serious web hosting provider you need to offer a top notch servers along with 99.99% uptime and in order to acheive it choosing a right host is very important

    You can have a look at Market place section for numerous offers posted by our own community members

    We personally recommend using

    Interserver.net for managed vps - http://bit.ly/2xdcrhJ
    (Use webhostingforums as a coupon to get the first month at just 0.01$)

    Atlantic.net for unmanaged vps - http://bit.ly/2v5SaNU
    (You get 15 $ as free credit . That means first plan for two months free or second plan for one month free)


    People usually start checking out competitor pricing before deciding thier own prices and gets convinced to offer a less price than the big players thinking lower prices attract more customers

    This is purely misconception . Clients love the support part and the uptime part more than the cheap prices. Comparing and going cheaper than the competitors with out calculating your expenses will make your company closed in a short time . There are hundreds of companies closed in less than 6 months

    I understand the sales flow will be less if your prices are higher but it will keep your company stable for a long time

    Offer coupons instead for first month and big discounts on festivals

    User friendly Billing Interface

    With no questions in mind of the features (it has all you need and more than you thought of) you can blindly sign up with whmcs for billing and support system which is a leader in the industry


    Nice design

    Design is the first impression your client gets when visiting your website . Hire the best designers you know or select one from our Graphic & Design Services section

    if you know making a website of your own using wordpress (the most recommended cms) then buy a good theme that suits the hosting business

    we personally recommend:

    Arkahost or Multi hosting Theme Both support whmcs

    These things above will help you get started at the lowest cost in a perfect way , i will be writing another tutorial shortly on various other aspects you need to grow your business

    Good Luck !!!
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